Content Checked Launches SugarChecked Mobile App: A Consumer Tool in the War on Sugar

SugarChecked Scans Grocery Store Items, Identifies Sugars and Recommends Healthy Alternatives

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 29, 2015 - Content Checked Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB:CNCK) (the “Company” or “Content Checked”), the dietary health technology company that created a revolutionary marketplace for people with dietary restrictions, today announced the availability of its new mobile application SugarChecked, giving consumers the ability to scan the barcodes of grocery store products and determine what kind of sugars are contained within. SugarChecked is an easy-to-use shopping tool for consumers to decipher often-misleading food labels, and receive recommendations for healthier alternative products as they shop in real time. SugarChecked is available in the iPhone App store and Google Playstore for $0.99.

“SugarChecked addresses a growing problem while empowering people to make smarter choices about their diet. With cases of diabetes and obesity on the rise - and a direct negative correlation from the excessive intake of sugar - it’s important that we as consumers fully understand the ingredients that go into our food and bodies and what our families eat,” said ContentChecked CEO Kris Finstad.

SugarChecked identifies four main types of sugars that consumers can avoid, including added sugars, artificial sweeteners, natural low-calorie sweeteners and sugar alcohols. The overconsumption of sugar is a leading cause of Type 2 Diabetes and a growing concern due to the negative health consequences and related costs of treatment. According to the Endocrine Society, roughly one third of Americans are dealing with obesity or complications related to the disease, making it one of the largest health related costs in the United States.

In addition to breaking down the kind of sugars contained within foods and highlighting healthier choices, SugarChecked also gives consumers the option to stream video content related to sugar free products, recipes and menus. SugarChecked regularly updates its expansive database with new products, healthy alternatives, recipes and menus so consumers can keep themselves educated on the path to a healthier lifestyle. “We offer a great way for food manufacturers and recipe makers to showcase their work to consumers looking for healthy alternatives,” said Miad Ballai, ContentChecked’s COO.

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