ContentChecked Holdings, Inc. (CNCK) Has Come Out Swinging in Aggressive Bid to Inform Consumers with Dietary Restrictions

More than 15 million Americans, or roughly 4.7 percent of the population, live with the constant fear of a severe reaction to a type of food that could result in an allergic reaction. Every aisle in the grocery store and every entrée on a restaurant menu could pose a potentially life-threatening risk of an allergic response that could result in anaphylactic shock, and even death. From seafood to nuts, the sources of danger are everywhere and many consumers have simply consigned themselves to the complex, laborious task of tediously perusing food labels, grilling restaurant wait staff, or nagging friends and family to be mindful of their allergies – all in hopes of avoiding a nasty reaction, hospital visit, or worse. 

But there is good news, especially for the 191 million or more people in the U.S. who currently have some form of smartphone. Because app development company, ContentChecked Holdings, has engineered a robust, database-driven series of apps that rapidly index information on over 70 percent of all conventional food products, algorithmically checking in real-time if individual products are consistent with a given user’s specified allergy and/or dietary needs. The ability to simply point your smartphone at a product’s barcode and know in seconds after a scan if a given product is safe or healthy to consume is a massive time saver when it comes to completing the already often arduous and certainly always time-consuming task of shopping for groceries. The database that backs up the company’s apps is updated daily as industry information and end-user feedback is processed by a dedicated team of nutritional experts who are continuously vetting products in order to provide consumers with the most up-to-date and accurate information possible. 

With a growing suite of function-specific apps, including one for allergy and dietary needs ContentChecked, as well as SugarChecked, an app for Type 2 diabetics and people simply trying to watch their intake of refined sugars, and MigraineChecked, an app specifically for the more than 36 million Americans who experience food and beverage-triggered migraines or chronic daily headaches, ContentChecked Holdings, Inc. has established itself in short order as a true innovator in consumer awareness utility apps. And the apps do far more than just help users stay away from certain items that are flagged based on their defined settings and preferences by prompting users with a quick menu of alternative options that are either safe or healthier than what they are looking for. This simple, yet ingenious, software allows friends or family members to shop for people with complex dietary restrictions and food allergies, and do so without enduring long, drawn-out product reviews via typically busy product labels, or having to memorize a litany of user-specific things to avoid. 

This is a process for parents who have kids with food allergies, but now there is a solution that is just a few clicks away, thanks to CNCK. Users can simple go to Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG; GOOGL) Google Play store, or Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) AppStore, download the latest version of the company’s apps for a nominal fee, set them up for a specific user(s), and then shop with confidence – without the typical stress often associated with making complex dietary and allergy related calls while being jostled by other shoppers in the grocery aisle. The longer-term global potential for such apps is tremendous with a worldwide smartphone market that expanded 13 percent year over year in Q2 this year (according to International Data Corporation), and choice consumer markets in Europe and Asia which lack any similarly compelling offerings along these same lines. 

Originally born out of a father’s frustration with the hassle of trying to help his daughter and her friends avoid food allergies and intolerances, with an initial release in Norway, the official launch of the company’s flagship ContentChecked app occurred as recently as February of 2015. Subsequent to going public in April of 2015 – after a reverse merger made ContentChecked a wholly-owned subsidiary of parent company CNCK and a $1.9 million private placement was secured for further development – this revolutionary company, which is creating the first truly user-centric marketplace for consumers and the businesses that cater to their needs, went on to quickly receive trading approval on OTCQB (in June), the primary OTC securities market for reporting issuers. 

This still very young company’s product pipeline has a team of engineers at work behind the scenes constantly striving to keep the innovation ball rolling, with plans to tackle other usage demographics already in the offing, including apps for people who want to avoid GMO foods, or who want to eat a vegan, or kosher diet. In many ways the sky is the limit for this sort of rich, database-driven, user-centric consumer intelligence, and CNCK has no intention of resting on its laurels. 

The company has come out of the box swinging hard in order to capture first-mover market share in what is an estimated $6 billion food allergy market. CNCK has managed to establish a noticeable presence in a very short time among consumers with dietary restrictions. Management is keen to keep on innovating, fully intent on evolving the company into the go-to source for in depth food and beverage product health and safety data. 

Recognizing unmet needs shared by large groups of consumers and developing intuitive, easy to use apps that facilitate shopping or product avoidance/alternate product selection, via increasingly ubiquitous smartphones (which are now around 77 percent market penetration in the U.S.) is just half of he story here as well. The other half is the remainder of the marketplace created through such software, where producers, marketers and retailers themselves can begin to leverage the platform created by CNCK’s apps in order to directly court the business of consumers. The marketplace CNCK is creating will allow a wide range of supply-side entities to actively find and interact with consumers that seek out their products at the actual location of purchase. The very platform which today is primarily helping consumers make intelligent purchases, will no doubt become a major conduit for big data-driven marketing in the future, representing some very attractive digital real estate for CNCK that investors need to be aware of. 

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