Our apps offer a unique mobile experience that analyzes more than 70% of all food products in the United States to check if they fit the specific dietary needs of the user. The process is not just based upon algorithms. It is a dedicated team of nutritional experts that validate data against the most up-to-date research to ensure quality. This process is done 24/7 and is constantly undergoing review so that the app can provide as accurate information as possible when you are using it.

That is why you can feel confident when you are shopping with one of our apps. 

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Grocery shopping can be time-consuming, especially if you or someone close to you lives with specific dietary restrictions. Save precious time and avoid unnecessary stress while grocery shopping. Let friends and family enjoy peace of mind while shopping and preparing foods for you, all thanks to our suite of mobile applications.

Having a dietary restriction no longer means that you have to bring your own food to functions or inconvenience others. Tell your friends and family that they can easily use our apps to find out what you can tolerate. From migraines to food allergies to sugar, our apps are there for you. Now with our apps, anywhere and anytime, YOU have the power shop confidently for yourself and others. 

Our comprehensive menu and recipe database provides tips and ideas on how to prepare specific foods for those who need have restrictions. Find great recipes and cook dishes everyone can eat. Our apps allow you to set up profiles and lists of favorites for not just yourself but also your friends and family making sharing favorites and ideas fun, simple and easy. 

Our apps also allow food manufacturers to showcase their products in an effective and relevant way. Now there is a platform to communicate to those suffering with dietary restrictions on a variety of alternatives that are better suited to them. Both manufacturers and consumers benefit from targeted communication. 

Please note that our apps are not responsible for any inconsistencies/discrepancies between the information provided by one of our apps and the product contents. If allergic or experiencing another form of dietary restriction, one should still read the product declaration before preparing food/taking our advice.