Live My Best Despite the Pain

I am a married woman in my 30s who is living with chronic migraine pain and Fibromyalgia. Join me as I try to figure out how to live my best life despite the pain, fatigue and such.
— Migrainista

Wow. I can't express how much I appreciate Migrainista's writing.

Migraineurs usually don't have a choice when it comes to migraine setting in, but they do have a choice on their outlook on life. What makes Migrainista such as spectacular blogger is the fact that she always focuses on the finer things. She doesn't allow her migraines dictate what she can and can't do, and it's an inspiration!

She explains that a lot of times you weigh your options, but weigh them in a manner that hones in on having experiences that are worth the pain. She writes about her daily life, vents the pains, and cherishes the pleasures. 

It's tough being a migraineur because we want everyone to see and understand our pain, but it's important to let everyone see our beauty as well. So here's to you, Migrainista. Thank you for everything you do, and please please please please please continue to write!

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