Here's to a True Migraine Warrior

            At times, it can be extremely difficult to make sense of migraines. There are several different triggers, several different stress relievers, and several different reasons for them, and nobody’s experiences are the same. So I believe it is important to read as many stories as possible in order to take away as much as I can. One of those stories I’ve had the pleasure of reading is that of Michelle Tracy.

            Michelle has battled chronic migraines since she was 19 years old. She has endured unbelievable experiences, but instead of letting migraines get the best of her, she takes that pain and uses it as fuel to be an advocate of education and awareness. She is an Ambassador for the U.S. Pain Foundation and an avid supporter of the 36 Million Migraine Campaign. On top of everything, her writing is eloquent - nothing short of poetic.

            So here’s to you, Michelle. Thank you for providing your wisdom and supplying the rest of us with courage. The work you do is nothing short of amazing, and we cannot thank you enough for it!

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