4 Ways to Ease Your Child's Migraines

Migraines have a tendency to run in families, so chances are, if you have children, they will likely inherit your pain… Which is terrible! Nobody ever wants to see their child suffer. However, what’s most important is that you are always there to reassure your child, and utilize your past experiences to help them overcome the pain and implement preventative action in the future. Below is a list you may never have thought to use with children before.


1. Get a Pet

    For some, this may not be the best solution because even the slightest of allergies could set off a migraine. However, having a pet can be very therapeutic. Dogs and cats make the best cuddle-buddies, and who knows? Maybe you’ll even see your child talking through their pain with their new best friend?

2. Encourage them to Keep a Diary

    It’s important for children to properly recall the kind of pain they felt, so they know how to cope with it in the future. Encourage your child to keep a diary/journal describing what triggered the migraine, what the pain felt like, how long it lasted, and what was done to end the pain.


3. Hold Them

    The fact of the matter is, your children are going to want you holding them less and less as they get older, so get your hugs in early! And while you’re providing that comfort, offer them reassurance, give them a light massage, and hum a relaxing tune. Talk them through it, and share your experiences, so they know you can relate.

4. Keep an Eye on Them

    Again, as your child gets older, they will become more independent. But while they’re young, make an effort to see those early-onset signs of a migraine and point them out. Tiredness and yawning, muscle pain, food cravings, etc. Your children are gains that independence through you sharing your invaluable experience and advice.



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