Bring the Snow Inside with You This Year!

Around this time of year, much of the country is ready for the winter to subside, wondering when the inches, or even feet, of snow covering the ground will be cleared and life allowed to return to normal. While we can’t control the weather, we can help you clear some snow in a unique way— by adding it to your culinary repertoire! That’s right—folks are getting more creative than ever, and snow is being used for more than just snowmen and outdoor sports.


Snow Cream—A creamier remix for snow cones

As alternative “ice creams” pop up on the scene, try these snow creams. For healthier indulgences, swap the canned jam for fresh, muddled strawberries or other seasonal fruits, or trade honey for white sugar. With just 3-4 ingredients each, and no churning necessary, this great dessert is fun for the whole family!

Candy with a Kick

If you’re feeling spicy, try these (and other vegetarian) snow recipes: cayenne pepper and honey snow candies. Flavored to taste, all you need is a bit of honey, cayenne pepper, and salt! It’s likely you already have these ingredients in your pantry—now there will be a perfect movie or game night snack for when you’re all snowed in.

Get Energized for a Snowball Fight

Try this twist on a classic Italian dessert sure to get you pumped up for your favorite winter activities. Food Network describes an affogato as “espresso poured over ice cream, then topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.” In this version, ice cream is substituted for fresh snow. For a richer flavor, try white chocolate shavings over the top!

Have any other snow recipes? Share with us in the comments below!