Foods To Include This Fall Season

Every season specializes in certain fruits and vegetables offering a range of choices at your local grocery store & farmers market. Fall season produce offers a variety of substantial textures and mouthwatering flavors. From savory casseroles to crusted baked pies, here are some foods to include as you prepare to cook up some delicious meals for your whole family!


There are thousands of apple selections to choose from. They range from sweet to tart and tender to crisp. Although this fruit is available all year round, they are best from September to November. Try adding some diced apples to your salad, baking a pie, or eating it freshly sliced.


This fruit has a sweet and juicy flavor making it a crowd-pleaser. Baking or poaching will really bring out its flavor. It’s as versatile as an apple, especially during peak harvest season from August to February.


Instead of just using this squash for jack-o-lanterns, you can use it in a variety of dishes. Pumpkin flavors are a hit during the fall season. It’s moist texture and sweet flavor makes it a great addition to cakes, pies, and baked goods.

Sweet Potatoes

This vegetable is great baked as a casserole or sweet potato mash. Compared to white potatoes, sweet potatoes are naturally sweet and more nutritionally dense.

Winter Squash

Winter squash has a slightly sweet flavor and fine texture. It may be picked in the fall and stored until spring because of the thick skin. Some popular varieties are butternut, spaghetti, and acorn. Roasting squash, making chili, or cooking up a creamy soup are great ideas for a holiday dish.,,20307323,00.html