The ‘Teatox’ Diet

These days detox teas, or teatoxes, seem to be a booming business and are especially taking over social media. Whether it’s a beautiful celebrity endorsing the product, or a well-known fitness enthusiast on Instagram, dramatic weight loss benefits and claims from detox teas are being thrown left and right. Seems like an easy way to lose weight, right? Before you blow your paycheck, let’s touch base on a few things about detox teas.

Claims of detox teas (1):

  • Lose weight

  • Burn calories

  • Boost metabolism

  • Suppress appetite

  • Increase energy levels

Did you know… Because detox teas are considered dietary supplements, these companies do not need to prove any of their listed claims. There is no backed up, published scientific research that detox teas are in fact safe or effective in weight loss (2).

What has been researched are the ingredients in detox teas. A common ingredient found in these teas is senna leaf, which is a laxative herb. The National Institutes of Health states that there is no evidence that senna promotes weight loss, however, it does promote stomach troubles, cramps, and diarrhea if used for too long. Detox teas can last from 2 weeks to a whole month. This can cause unusual bowel movements, unbalanced electrolyte levels, muscle weakness, liver damage, and more (2).

If you are going to use detox teas, here are some important things to note (1):

  • You’re losing water weight from the tea, not actual fat - Drinking extra water allows your body to flush out excess salt, retained water, and wastes from the GI tract. This causes that “flatter stomach” and may make you feel lighter.  

  • You still need to diet and exercise - Just simply drinking your way to a tiny waste and skipping the gym is unlikely to happen.

  • Beware of unwanted side effects - Many detox teas include herbs, like senna, that can provide harmful side effects when taken for a long time. Other ingredients may cause interference with other supplements and medications. Be sure to research before buying!

  • May interfere with sleep - Most detox teas contain caffeine, used as a stimulant to suppress appetite, trigger the digestive system, and help lose water weight. Too much caffeine can be detrimental, which includes tampering with your sleep schedule.

If you’re looking to lose weight and clean up your body, skip the teatox and just stick to an appropriate nutrient rich diet and exercise plan. This is guaranteed to be the safest, healthiest, and most effective way to reach your health goals!