Revamping Your Favorite Coffee Treat

Coffee has long been a staple for many Americans. In the office, on the go, and with the convenience of single brew coffee makers, at home too. With a popular coffee chain on every corner, and more fast food restaurants increasing their coffee diversity, sweetened frappes, iced coffees, and lattes, it becomes difficult to resist these sweet treats. These treats, however, are loaded with added sugars—some with as much as double the recommended daily intake.

Not to fret, though, you don’t have to give up on your favorite drinks. Instead, opt for lighter options by following the tips below

  1. Stick to Soy
    Most cafes like Starbucks will give you the option to choose soy milk over whole fat milk. In a drink like the classic Starbucks Caramel Frappucino, you can save up to 70 calories per 8 oz. You can also switch your milk when you DIY at home. Here though, you have more freedom and can substitute with unsweetened almond milk, or try chocolate almond milk for your favorite iced mocha latte.

  2. Try Sugar-Free
    Though sugar-free syrups offered at your local cafe are likely not naturally sweetened, they can be beneficial if you are looking to cut back on your daily sugar intake. These syrups can also be bought in stores for your morning brew at home. In a pinch, try dropping a sugar-free vanilla or caramel candy into your hot drink, and letting that melt down for the flavor you’re looking for.

Keep it Dark
If you’re planning to blend up a copy cat frappe, try one that uses dark chocolate chips instead of a flavored syrup. Dark chocolate will add less sugar than the syrups commonly used, and will add in some beneficial antioxidants.