Why and How You Should Eat The Rainbow

“Eat the rainbow” is probably a phrase you have heard since you were a kid. Have you ever wondered why though? There are two great reasons. The most basic of the reasons is that when you focusing on eating a variety of colors, you end up eating more fruits and vegetables and less white, starchy foods. The more complex of the reasons is that eating the rainbow generally gives you a wide and varied range of nutrients. It’s easy to eat the rainbow, and I will show you how the rainbow can fit naturally in your daily meals and the different nutrients you will get from all of the colors.


Red bell peppers have high amounts of vitamin A in them. To get all of your vitamin A for the day, you just need to eat one red bell pepper. Getting enough vitamin A daily helps keep your bones and teeth strong and makes your skin healthier!


Now, on to one of the most widely known fruit and vitamin combinations: oranges and vitamin C! Eating one orange gives you your daily vitamin C dose. Vitamin C strengthens our immune system and helps our body heal when we get wounds or are exposed to air pollution.


Bananas can give you part of your daily percentage of vitamin B6. I knew bananas were ap-peel-ing for a reason! In all seriousness, though, vitamin B6 is needed for over one hundred different reactions in your body. Eat those bananas up!


Hint: What is green, loved by Popeye, and has a lot of vitamin K? Spinach! Spinach gives you massive amount of vitamin K. You should make sure to get enough vitamin K because it helps with blood clotting and bones health.


Blueberries are more than just yummy-- they also have a lot of manganese. Manganese is important because it helps you age and fight free radicals. With this in mind, throw some blueberries in your next bowl of oatmeal!


Purple grapes are healthy for you in many ways and one way is that they have a lot of copper! Copper helps your body create red blood cells and keeps many different processes in your body healthy and functioning.

Eating all of these different colored fruits and vegetables, you can eat a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients. In summary: eat the rainbow!