Food That Looks as Good as it Tastes

Ever find yourself searching for more motivation to eat foods you know are healthy? One way to help amp yourself up for the nutritious and delicious meal you have prepared is to make it as appealing to the eye as it is it the tastebuds. Whether you consciously realize it or not, your mind makes a connection between the aesthetics of the food you are eating with your appetite, which is all the more reason to take a little extra time to spruce up your plate whether you’re dining for 1, or serving a full dinner party. Though there are lots of professional chef tested and recommended remedies, here’s a collection of tips that are particularly good for those healthy meals you’re whipping up.


  1. Keep It Colorful
    Just as having a variety of color on your plate is great for your health, it is also a great tool that draws your eye, making meals seem more appealing. Adding a few strips of colorful bell peppers to the top of your grilled chicken or salmon is a quick and easy way to make your plate much more interesting. One chef tested tip is to use complementary colors, like red and green or orange and purple (think mashed sweet potatoes and a purple cabbage salad with your main dish).

  2. Dress it Up
    Bring your sauces and toppings to life by drizzling them in a swirl on the plate, or on top of the main dish rather than bringing the entire bottle to the table with you. This switch makes dishes look beautifully finished, and may help prevent the over indulgence in ketchup and creamy sauces that compliment and enhance healthy foods.

  3. Make it Stand Tall
    Adding a side dish or garnish that adds height to the plate adds pizazz in a unique way. Giving your food dimension, rather than keeping your portions all at the same size and level, makes you more likely to dig into every level--which means you’re more likely to eat your side of carrots sliced and stacked into small towers than if they were spread at the same height as your main dish.


Remember, it’s all about getting creative and going the extra mile to make your meals more appealing to your visual taste--treat yourself.