Time for Summer Camp: How To Eat Healthy At Camp

Everyone come close and gather around the ContentChecked campfire. It is everyone’s favorite time of the summer as camp approaches. But if you have been eating healthy and clean the time period coming up to camp, it can sometimes be hard to adjust to the usually greasy (though delicious) camp food. Read this before you go for some tips on how to eat healthy and still enjoy the once-a-year camp food. Your stomach will thank you later.

1.     Get those fruits and veggies first: Each mealtime, fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables before you put anything else on your plate. Filling half of your plate with fruits and vegetables not only makes you get your daily serving of each, but they will also give you the vitamins and nutrients that will keep you feeling on your A game so you can win that camp tug-of-war contest.

2.     Water, water, water: Choose water over other sugary camp drinks and drink a cup of water first thing when you sit down (maybe as you are waiting for the vegetables to be passed to you). Not only will you save yourself from a lot of added sugar, but your body is probably somewhat dehydrated and could use that water. Pro tip if you are the camp counselor: Fill your campers’ cups with water before they even sit down.

3.     Start your day with yogurt: Most camps have yogurt options for breakfast.f yours does, choose to have yogurt for breakfast. Not only is it yummy, but it also has a whole lot of probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that help you digest food and are linked to helping digestion problems. Eat up on your (good) bacteria!

4.     Slowwww downnnnn: After a long day at camp, it is easy to want to eat your food as fast as you can fit it in your mouth. When you eat so fast, your body does not have time to digest and tell your brain when it is actually full. The result is often a stomach ache and feeling sick from eating so much. So this does not happen, slow down your meal and after you think you have eaten enough food, wait fifteen minutes before reaching for second servings.

Now you are ready to head off for camp! Say goodbye to an otherwise grumbly tummy and hello to camp songs, starry nights, and memories you’ll have forever.