Is Matcha For You: Four Facts About Matcha To Share

Matcha seems to be the new health craze—and with good reason! For all of those who are scratching their heads on what matcha is, here is a run down. Matcha is green tea with less processed leaves and a different form of consumption. Rather than boiling and brewing regular green tea leaves, matcha leaves are ground into a powder,the powder is put into the hot water, and you drink the powdered leaves. Your final drink looks and tastes pretty similar to your regular green tea but is a little earthier and much healthier. Now that you have an idea what we are talking about, here are five facts to share with anyone and everyone!


1.     Why should you try swapping your regular green tea for matcha green tea? Matcha green tea is much higher in antioxidants. Impressively, in the case of one type of antioxidant called EGCG, there are 137 times the amount of antioxidants in matcha green tea compared to regular green tea.

2.     What should you do if you are not normally a tea drinker but still want a delicious, healthy summer drink? Make an iced matcha tea latte! Mix a little bit of hot water with matcha to let the matcha steep for a few minutes and add some milk, along with a little bit of sweetener or vanilla if you are feeling so inclined. To make it frothy, blend this all in a blender! Add the ice last.

3.     Here is a quick fact to know:  matcha tea leaves are the same tea leaves as regular green tea leaves, but matcha tea leaves are dried in the shade and regular green tea leaves are dried in the sun.

4.     While matcha tea may just now be becoming popular in the United States, people in Japan have been drinking it for over a thousand years. To put it into perspective, that was around the time of Vikings.


Now you have four of the most random matcha facts to share with your family and friends. Not only are you now able to partake in the matcha craze because you know what it is, but you can also spread these facts and help spread the matcha craze even further. Think of telling one new person about matcha tea as your good deed for the day. It will be matcha-ppreciated.