Prioritize Your Diet

The word “diet” has been gaining a significant amount of negative attention recently. When people hear the word “diet,” they think food restriction and discipline. However, this does not always have to be the case. A healthy diet should reflect an individual's understanding of their bodies and how they view food on a daily basis. Understanding how healthy food choices can be incorporated into your daily lifestyle can make a huge impact when it comes to losing weight or simply feeling healthier overall.

             Making easy additions and adjustments to your diet is the most effective way to transition into a healthier lifestyle. Trying to constantly and abruptly restrict foods will only make the transition to weight loss or better health go slower. Easing your way into a healthier food regime gives you time to see what works in your schedule and what doesn’t. Try these tricks to help make your diet healthy as well as a part of your everyday lifestyle for the long run.


1.         Keep healthy snacks on hand at all times – one of the main reasons people binge on ice cream and junk food at dinner time is because they did not fuel up on enough of the good foods throughout their day. When you go to the grocery store, pick up easy things to snack on so you don’t gorge when you are exhausted at night. Stack up on nuts, apples, almond butter, cucumbers, hard boiled eggs, greek yogurt, hummus, and all different types of vegetables. By packing clean foods like this, you have healthier options to eat at your desk rather than reaching for the donut in the break room! It’s all about balance and moderation.

2.         Have a high protein breakfast – Eggs in the refrigerator are a must. Everyone has an extra 10-15 minutes in the morning before work to cook one of the easiest meals to make, scrambled eggs. Rather than using your 10 minutes to stop at your favorite coffee shop, make eggs, avocado, and whole wheat toast and drink the office coffee! Your body will thank you for giving it the right nutrients to start your day.

3.         Water water water – You’ve heard it time and time again but water is key to any healthy diet. Invest in a 1L water bottle so you know exactly how much you are drinking throughout the day and can gauge how much you should drink. 2-3 Liters of water per day is a great amount to stay full, hydrated, and keep your energy levels up. A lot of the time people feel tired because they are wired on too much coffee and not enough water. What does this result in? More coffee or the need for a sugar fix. Get creative and make hot water with lemon or cut up fruit slices and put them in your water bottle.

4.         Make the effort to go green for lunch – salads do not have to be boring! Having a big green salad for lunch is an easy way to get your vegetable intake in for the day as well as fueling your body up for the last half of your day. Many people shy away from salad because they often find them dull and too healthy. You can dress up a salad with dried fruit, smoked almonds, leftover turkey or salmon from the night before, and you can even get creative with dressing! Play around with different vinegar mixtures, mustard, and even greek yogurt.


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