Tips to Trick Yourself Into Eating Less

photo: Mayo Clinic

photo: Mayo Clinic

Control your portions; try these tips to trick yourself into eating less:

1.    Use smaller plates and utensils. Psychologically we feel more satisfied when we eat equal amounts of food off of a smaller, completely full plate versus a larger partially empty plate. Swap your dinner plates for salad plates and use teaspoons or other small utensils to have more satisfying meals.

2.    Bulk up your meals with vegetables. Adding vegetables to meals is an easy way to eat a equal volume of foods while consuming fewer calories. Easy ways to do this:

a.    Cook ½ the amount of pasta you normally eat but throw in some frozen broccoli or green beans in the water at the end to bulk up the meal

b.    Add extra veggies to pizza and sandwiches

c.     Saute veggies in the pan before scrambling eggs for more fulfilling breakfasts to prevent mid morning snacking

3.    Hydrate. Ensure you’re adequately hydrated prevents dehydration induced hunger cravings and mindless snacking.

4.    Put your fork down between bites. This forces you to slow down and enjoy your meals, which allows time for your brain to catch up with your stomach’s “I’m full” signals.

5.    Don’t eat foods out of their containers. It can be tempting to eat ice cream straight from the pint, but it is easier to practice proper portion control and more satisfying to eat foods off of real dishware. Even foods designed to be eaten straight from the container such as yogurt are more satisfying when eaten in a small bowl, which can prevent you from going back for a second helping. 

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