How to Ring in the New Year with Healthy Eating Resolutions

As soon as the clock strikes midnight this New Year’s Eve, you have a fresh slate. With this fresh slate, you can do anything and make any resolution in the world. With so many possibilities of how you can shape your year ahead, how do you even decide? One way to look at this once a year opportunity and deciding how to shape your year is by looking at impact.

You can make a highly impactful resolution. One resolution that will affect your entire life, in the immediate and in the long-term, is a resolution about eating healthier. To succeed, your resolution needs to be more than a grandiose statement of eating healthy in 2017. We suggest it has a few key traits:

Make your resolution a small step.

When making a lifestyle change towards healthy eating, start small. You will feel a greater sense of accomplishment and be more committed to continuing your life style change throughout the full year if you are constantly meeting the goal you have set for yourself. An example of one step forward could be switching one of your non-water drinks each day to a green tea.

Make a resolution with a trigger.

Triggers are events that, when they occur, remind you of your goal and help you form a habit. Triggers could be events like your meal or snack times, food preparation days, or grocery store trips. If your resolution is to eat five salads weekly, your trigger could be buying your lettuce mix every Sunday grocery trip.

Make a resolution that is measurable.

You want to be able to end each day or week knowing that you accomplished your goal and this can be done with a measurable goal. A measurable resolution has clearly defined boundaries. To clarify, a resolution to eat healthy this year is not measurable because healthy eating can be a lot of things. What is measurable, and accomplishes the same resolution, is to eat a piece of fruit instead of chips when you get hungry mid afternoon.

Make a resolution that is personal.

Ultimately, everyone has different health habits and is at different places in how they eat healthfully. Keep this in mind and choose a resolution that will make a difference in moving your healthy eating habits forward. To someone who has a big sweet tooth and eats desserts daily, a great resolution is to have a maximum of three desserts a week.

As the New Year rolls around, you are now ready to make this your healthiest year yet! Woohoo!