Healthy Ways to Jazz Up Popcorn

Popcorn is often touted as a healthy snack, but only when it’s freshly popped, unbuttered, and generally lacking all of the refined sugars and fats that make it so delicious. While manufacturers are working to create healthier, but still tasty popcorn snacks, it can be hard to satisfy your unique craving with a store-bought selection. For those days when you can’t stop thinking about buttery, caramel corn, but decide to stave off an indulgence day, try these recipes below for the best of both worlds.

When You’re Craving Sweet:

While it’s tempting to make popcorn so sweet you can practically feel the cavity forming (a nice thick caramel is my personal favorite), you can still sweeten it up without the negative ramifications. This cinnamon brown sugar recipe does just that, and as an added bonus, it’s easy to make. You can even start with store bought popcorn!

When You’re Craving Savory:

Cheese popcorn has my heart (it mixes great with that thick caramel I mentioned before), and while it can be made healthier, it’s hard not to miss the full-fat taste in alternatives. Rather than trying to lighten up an old favorite, try something new to avoid disappointment and overeating to achieve the same taste. This chili and lime popcorn is a lighter alternative that’s packed with a bunch of flavor, thanks to the citrus-spice combo. Unlike the sweet recipe, though, it’s suggested that you whip this popcorn up fresh with coconut oil.

When You’re Craving Salty:

Herbs and spices are a great alternative to salt in any recipe, and popcorn is no different. If you’re craving salty, movie theater popcorn, try a recipe like this, that utilizes garlic and rosemary for added flavor, rather than salt.

Whether you’re staying in for movie night or need a quick addition to your afternoon picnic, these three recipes are great, inexpensive alternatives to our old favorites. They are also easy to modify to fit the needs and tastes of yourself, your friends, and your families, so pop on into the kitchen and start getting creative!