Steps To Help Convert Your Cake Recipe To Make Cupcakes

It’s not difficult to bake your favorite cake recipe into cupcakes that are more convenient to eat on the go. Here are several guidelines to help you appropriately downsize to a perfect cupcake recipe.

Scale the cake recipe appropriately.

A single layer 9-inch-round candy would yield an average of 12-15 standard sized cupcakes. However, this may change according to your recipe. A light fluffy cake will yield more cupcakes compared to a dense cheesecake.

Prepare the batter exactly the same way.

It is not necessary to change the amount of any ingredients. After all, cupcakes are little cakes.

Keep the oven temperature the same.

Again, it’s not necessary to change the temperature even though they are a much smaller cake. Just keep an eye out when baking & check up on the cupcakes often.

Choose appropriate cupcake liners.

For a sticky or chunky fruitcake, choose a silicone or greaseproof liner. This will prevent any sticking or pulling away of the liners. If you purchase cake mixes, any liner will bake fine.

Test it out with 1 cupcake.

Bake a test cupcake and see how much it rises. This will help determine how long the baking time will be. Fill a cupcake liner halfway with your batter and bake for around 15-20 minutes. Check your test cupcake 15 minutes in by placing a toothpick in the center. If the toothpick comes out dry, it is ready.

Now the test is over, bake the rest.

If your finished cupcake was too short, fill the cupcake liners higher. If it overflowed, place less batter into the liners. Same as the test cupcake, check the rest of the cupcakes for doneness at 15 minutes.

Cool and frost.

After 5 minutes, move the cupcakes from the tins and place on a cooling rack. Cooling cupcakes in the baking tin will cause the liners to fall away. Spread some frosting on top once cool.