Yep, they are migraine triggers...

Suffering from migraines is not fun and finding out what makes them tick is even worse a chore. Managing your triggers is one of the most effective methods for preventing and relieving migraines. There are obvious triggers and then there are less obvious triggers. Excedrin recently discovered a few more migraine triggers that you may have not thought of, here they are. 

Sleeping In – Try not to disrupt your regular pattern of sleeping, and yes this includes sleeping in. If you get eight hours of sleep per night, get hours of sleep a night, every night. If you have to wake up early, go to bed early. Changes in a sleep cycle can seriously affect your migraines. 

Sex – Basically it is any strenuous exercise. Of course, with sex, that is dependent upon how much fun you are having in the bed. Basically treat sex as if it were any other exercise. 

Cheese and Wine – Okay, this is an obvious one, but we have to stress that these tw additions are serious triggers. There is good news though and Excedrin has chosen a few great food swaps!

Perfume – It feels good to smell good and it is nice to have others who smell nice as well. Just try to limit the dosage. Too much can cause migraines, so keep that in mind for yourself and for others at your next social gathering. 

Weather and Barometric Pressure Changes – Weather is a disastrous trigger and is quite sporadic. Anything from humidity to barometric pressure can trigger a migraine. The great outdoors is the epitome of bittersweet; it is better to be outdoors than indoors, but there are just as many triggers outside. It is a game of net gains. 



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