Have You Had Enough?

There are so many nutrients out there that our bodies require on a daily basis, be it essential or auxiliary, that it becomes scary merely attempting to calculate half of them in a diet journal. We can try to expedite the process with apps such as My Fitness Pal or tabulate our intake on spreadsheets, but it is either tiresome or the technology is unable to deliver what we need to the fullest and necessary capacity. I have recently gone through and performed a diet audit and even I, a fitness fanatic and nutrition nerd, hardly meet the daily recommended requirements. When you break down all of the nutrients out there that can significantly improve your life, you soon realise just how difficult of a task it is to meet these goals. I have compiled a short-list of some of the more important, as well as the lesser known (but just as important), nutrients that all of us should indulge on a daily basis. I have provided the nutrient, the daily requirement, why it is good for you and some easy sources to acquire it. Always remember: if you re unable to find a source that fits you, there are supplements out there to compensate for food allergies! 

Biotin - 30mcg

Why: metabolism | What: salmon, eggs

Calcium - 1000mg

Why: bones and teeth | What: milk, yogurt, spinach

Choline - 550mg (male) / 425mg (female)

Why: nerves and memory | What: eggs, milk, broccoli

Chromium - 35mcg (male) / 25mcg (female)

Why: break down sugar | What: broccoli, grapes

Copper - 900mcg

Why: antioxidant | What: crabmeat, nuts, mushrooms

Fiber - 14g per 1000 calories

Why: metabolism | What: whole grains, beans, brown rice

Folic Acid - 400mcg

Why: cell creation | What: asparagus, spinach, orange

Iron - 15mg (male) / 20 mg (female)

Why: cell health  | What: milk, yogurt, spinach

Magnesium - 400mg (male) / 310mg (female)

Why: cell health, energy | What: oat bran, almonds, bananas, spinach

Manganese - 2.3mg (male) / 1.8mg (female)

Why: energy, bones, healing | What: pecans, oatmeal, brown rice

Molybdenum - 45mcg

Why: energy | What: peas, nuts

Niacin - 16mg / 14mg

Why: skin, eyes, liver, energy | What: peanuts, salmon, fortified cereal

Pantothenic Acid - 5mg

Why: metabolism and cells | What: eggs, mushrooms, sweet potato, yogurt

Phosphorous - 700mg

Why: bones, teeth, DNA | What: milk, yogurt, salmon, eggs

Potassium - 2000mg

Why: heart, muscles | What: baked potatoes, raisins, bananas

Protein - match weight

Why: muscles | What: nuts, beans, fish

Riboflavin - 1.3mg (male) / 1.1 (female)

Why: energy, organ health | What: milk, almonds, eggs

Selenium - 55mcg

Why: antioxidant | What: crabmeat, salmon

Thiamin - 1.2 (male) / 1.1mg (female)

Why: metabolism , organ health | What: milk, pecans

Vitamin A - 900mcg (male) / 700mcg (female)

Why: vision and cell health | What: kale, eggs, carrots, sweet potato

Vitamin B6 - 1.3mg

Why: sleep | What: salmon, bananas

Vitamin B12 - 2.4mcg

Why: metabolism, nerves, cell health | What: salmon

Vitamin C - 90mg (male) / 75mg (female)

Why: antioxidant, healing, immune system | What: orange, kiwi, broccoli, strawberries, tomatoes, kumquats

Vitamin D - 15mcg

Why: bones | What: milk, sun

Vitamin E - 15mg

Why: cell health, antioxidant | What: olive oil, vegetable, almonds, grapeseed oil

Vitamin K - 120mcg (male) / 90mcg (female)

Why: healing | What: broccoli, kale

Zinc - 11mg (male) / 8mg (female)

Why: cell health, immune system | What: milk, cashews