No green thumb needed


It is a beautiful time of year, in the middle of the summer, and if you are anything like me you are loving all of the fresh food that is in season. It seems like the only way you can get anything more fresh is by growing it in your backyard. Well, that it exactly what you can do! There are so many benefits to growing your own food and easy ways to fix your fears of starting your own garden. Since you may need some convincing, let’s make a pros and cons list for growing your own food.

Pros: What are the benefits to growing your own food?

Nutrition: First and foremost, there are so many nutritional benefits to having the freshest food out there. With fruits and vegetables, nutrients can leave as they stay off the stem or tree before being eaten. Having them picked in your backyard makes your own fruits and vegetables much more nutrient rich and taste that much better. Also, when you grow it yourself you know exactly what you are putting into your plant. No pesticides and no harmful chemicals; what you make is what you eat.

Cost: Buying certain foods again and again can be very costly. Especially when trying to be healthy since the organic or natural options can sometimes be very pricy. But by growing it yourself you can save the money you would otherwise be spending on groceries. As you start to grow more and more, you can develop your own compost with all the garden waste and hardly any dollars. That way fertilizing you soil gets les expensive the more you garden.

Environmental friendliness: There can never be enough trees and plants in this concrete jungle we live in. The fresh air that comes from plants will help you breath better air and bring a little more nature onto this earth. You are also eliminating harmful pesticides and helping your yard look a little more natural.


Cons: Excuses...and how to get past them

"I am not a farmer": If you're anything like I was before I started growing my own food, you probably don't know much about gardening. Well there are amazing pointers online or in a bunch of gardening stores that are there for you to use. Just because you don’t know how doesn’t mean you cant learn.

"I don’t have enough time": There are a variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from. Some plants are very independent and hardly need attention and some need more expert hands. If you think you don’t have a lot of time, start with one simple plant and go from there.

"My back yard is microscopic": It's  not uncommon to have a garden the size of a raisin, or no garden at all if you live in the city. In that case there are some plants that can actually survive inside, if there is a well-lit corner available in your house or apartment. Also, plants don’t always require a large space. Placing them in the corner of your yard can do just the trick as well.

Growing your own garden is not rocket science and it doesn'tt have to be difficult. With a little help from the internet or friendly gardeners, you can make your garden blossom and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

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