Go Fig-ure!

I’m sure we each have a growing list of items on our “Breakfast of Champions” list but, one that we at ContentChecked have recently named the champion of all champions are FIGS! Yes, you read that right; figs and we can’t get enough of them.  Not only are they the main ingredient in a very popular cookie, hello Mr. Newton, figs are also considered an ancient delicacy. 


Fun Fact: In the early days, figs were used as training food for Olympic athletes. 


While we like to promote health eating, we understand that most people do not consume enough fruits and vegetables to enhance their potassium levels yet, are active consumers of processed foods high in sodium. The succulently sweet and textured fruit is a great source of potassium, which helps control blood pressure. Giving your taste buds a new flavor and trying out this amazing fruit will help lower your blood pressure and increase healthy snacking. 

Excited yet? Here’s more…. 


Amazing for Your Bones

 Goodbye osteoporosis, hello healthy bones. Figs contain more calcium than a lot of other fruits, with around 121 mg per ½ - cup serving and adults need between 1,000 and 1,200 mg of calcium a day. You know what that means? One serving of dried figs gives you about 12 percent of your daily calcium value. 


Digestive Digs

Nobody likes a stiff stool. This sweet and healthy treat is very high in fiber, ½-cup serving contains 7.3 g of fiber, improving bowel function and lowers blood cholesterol. 


Pump Iron Outside the Gym

Having enough iron in your diet is very important because without it, you put yourself at risk of infections and decreased oxygen to your cells. Because the lack of iron causes you to feel tired and weak, productivity levels are low and fewer things get accomplished. By consuming a ½-cup serving of figs, you invite more energy into your body and more tasks checked off your to-do list.


ContentChecked, West Hollywood, CA, United States