A Balanced Meal


It is hard to get the right amount of the right foods in your diet. A balanced diet is made of having balanced meals and snacks. It can be difficult to find balanced meals with a busy lifestyle full of distractions.

What is a balanced meal?

The meals you eat should have about 50% vegetables, 25% protein, and 25% whole grain carbohydrates. This sounds so simple but it can be very tricky to get the right amount of everything. Falling short in one section can lead to going over in another. When we get various amounts of protein or carbohydrates from one meal to the next our bodies crave what it lacks. This leads to overeating or eating unhealthy proportions of a meal.

Yummy, Healthy, and Balanced Meals Ideas

Now that you know the facts it’s time to put in this practice and start eating balanced. Here are great ideas for you whether you in your house, in a college dorm, or in a cubicle.

Spaghetti and Meatballs: This simple meal is easily balanced with a little salad or steamed vegetables on the side. A trick that I enjoy is boiling some spinach and mixing it in with the pasta sauce. It hides the flavor really well and supplies great nutrients. Add some lean meat or chicken to the meal and you have your proportioned meal!

Scrambled Eggs: For breakfast, I enjoy some scrambled egg whites, which are packed with protein. Mushrooms and sweet peppers go great with the eggs and with a little whole-wheat toast I will feel full longer.

Chicken and Veggies: While at college the dining hall was arguably the most intimating place on campus. I found peace with a simple, yet very delicious plate. Some grilled chicken, steamed vegetables and brown rice. That was it and that was all I needed to escape the temptation of the biscuits and gravy and all you can eat soft serve ice cream. I had my protein to fill me up and veggies to give fuel my body. I absolutely love rice, so that acted as a little treat while I got my essential carbohydrates.

Balancing snacks

Even with balanced meals, you may not get all the right food groups. It can sometimes be hard to add fruit or dairy or other food groups to meals so it is important to make sure your snacks are balanced as well. It is great to incorporate nuts and fruits and other things that do not always tie into meals. Nuts have a lot of protein and fat to fill you up until your next meal and they have some nutrients that is not always found in other food groups. Fruit is always a great source of nutrients and fiber. A bag of berries or a simple apple can do the trick as a great snack.

Remember to have equal amounts of protein and carbs for each meal with veggies making up half of your plate. Be creative with your meals and choose healthy snacks to supplement your diet. Like any adjustment, it is gets easier with time.