Plantain Power

Plantains- they look almost identical to bananas, but differ in taste. Compared to their look-a-like, plantains are bitter and almost always cooked before they are consumed. When I was first introduced to this perplexing fruit, I had no idea how diverse they actually are. Mind blowing! Plantains are typically used in place of starchy vegetables. Depending on the color, they can be boiled, baked, fried, and best of all, can be masked by many other flavors making this the perfect “secret weapon” for adding a little healthy pick-me-up to some classic dishes.


But, let’s not get ahead of our selves. Let’s first go over some of the health benefits of the plantain.  Here’s a quick reference of what’s what in the nutrition department:

1)   Fiber- 3.5 grams

2)   Potassium- 716 milligrams

3)   Vitamin A- 27.2 grams

4)   Vitamin C- 1,668 international units (56-71% of daily recommended value for men & women)

*all values are based on a 1 cup serving


Now that you all know just how great plantains are, why not see what types of dishes you can make using this diverse fruit?! Try using them in brownies, in place of tortilla chips or as a substitute for potatoes. The list goes on and on! Better yet, try this Sweet Plantain Drop Biscuits and see just how delicious they are for yourself 

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