Migraine Awareness Month: New Product, Less Pain


Yes, unfortunately Migraine Awareness Month is winding down, but we have been using an amazing product for a while now and we just wanted to let you guys know before June ends. Have you heard of Stopain? Perhaps you have tried out their amazing muscle relaxants and topical pain relievers, but if you have not I highly recommend that you do! Believe it or not, I have actually found that Stopain works just as well as Tiger Balm and I never thought that was possible. Then I found out that Stopain has a product for those of us suffering from migraines like myself!

Stopain Migraine is causing quite a buzz and it is a great alternative to using all of those other medications (check out our previous post about migraine medications) on the market. At least that is how I feel; the more natural, the better. The great news is that Stopain Migraine is natural and contains less ingredients than your average oatmeal. In fact, if you are unsure of its quality take into consideration that a similar topical method has also been around for hundreds of years and was used as far back as the 1500s in Scandinavia. Now that definitely speaks volumes for quality assurance, not to mention the fact that so many of our users have already told us how much they like it. (It is thanks to a few of our users that we discovered Stopain Migraine). When we find a product that we know can help all of you as much as our app does, we feel as though we have to share the good news. So go out there and give it a go! 

Currently you can order online or purchase in Walmart stores nationwide. It is a shame that the free-trial period ended in May, but they have awesome coupons to take advantage of right now!  



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