Top Foods to Eat to Relieve Migraines!


It’s summer time! All we want to do is sit out and relax on the beach or by the pool, right? Well, it’s probably hard to do so with the constant throbbing pain from those pesky migraines. Not to worry! You’ll be able to enjoy your summer, pain free, by incorporating these tasty foods into your diet!

This is actually one of the best food items out there for relieving migraines. Ginger helps to reduce inflammation that can cause pain during a migraine. Try chopping it up and adding it into your favorite tea or some boiling water for an easy way to stop the pain!

Bananas contain magnesium which aids in proper energy metabolism. If magnesium levels are low, it can cause errors in cell metabolism which can lead to migraines. Furthermore, magnesium is necessary for the blood vessels to function normally. When magnesium levels are low, the blood vessels are more prone to trigger migraines.
         - Spinach and Chard also have high levels of magnesium! Feed your brain and get rid of the pain!

Potatoes contain a great amount of potassium! Potassium not only an electrolyte but is also a strong pain killer. Try eating a baked potato with the skin on to gain a huge source of potassium to prevent those nasty migraines.

We have all experienced a slight to severe headache when we are not adequately hydrated, right? If trying to chug sufficient amounts of water to stay hydrated gets a little old, pick up a watermelon from your local farmer’s market to gain a boost of hydration! Not only this, but watermelon has great amounts of potassium and magnesium! Not only will you be able to beat the summer heat by sipping on some watermelon juice out by the pool, but you will be able to relax, migraine free!

Cucumber is also a source of hydration for it consists of 95 percent water! This is a great option to fight off dehydration during these next few summer months!

Pineapple can aid in relieving headaches because it contains bromelain. Bromelain is an enzyme that has been known to be a natural pain reliever. Like ginger, it also relieves inflammation that might reduce your migraines!

Fight off the pain by consuming these tasty foods regularly and stay cool out by the pool this summer!