Having Fun with Food Allergies...

Okay, so that title is sort of an oxymoron. If you have kids though, there are a few great sites with games to teach them about their food allergies and to make it fun to do so. Being outside is always better, do not get me wrong. I am somebody who hates being on the computer, but if it is a dreary day, these can make for great resources. 

AAAAI or The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology

It is a great site with resources both on and off the computer.  

Food Allergy KidSpot

Filled with loads of interactive games, expect laughter and learning. 

Learning Games

A great site for educational games with a section focusing upon allergies! 

Learn About Food Allergies 

A fun website hosted by the Kansas City Food Allergy community. 

The BugaBees

This is actually an app. Exciting. I suggest that you give it a go. 


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