Apps to the Rescue: Migraine

Ever wonder if there are other cool apps out there in addition to MigraineChecked, well believe it or not, there are! And they are quite useful! Here are a few that we have found work well for those of us suffering from migraines and headaches. 

Keep a journal of your brain pains with Headache Diary Lite

Keep track of your migraines and save the information for later. Use it for your records and to show to your doctor. This app will keep you organized without stressing you out by being too complex.

Restless sleep? Try SleepBot and Sleep Cycle!

SleepBot is on iPhone and Android | Sleep Cycle iPhone and Android

Ever wonder what your sleeping patterns are like and how they might affect your health? Here are two great apps that do just that. Monitor, record, use as tranquil alarm clocks and just discover. These are great for those who want to sleep better and learn about how they sleep. 

That time of the month may be causing you migraines... Period Calendar/Tracker

Okay, women do get migraines and headaches slightly more than men. Among other reasons, one is due to menstrual cycles. Period Calendar is great way to monitor and plan for those annoying and painful days each month. 

Fall seamlessly into sleep with these tranquil rhythms from Relax Melodies

On iPhone and Android

Customize your very own playlist from selections specifically tailored to what keeps you calm. 

Learn how to Acupressure

Acupressure is almost like acupuncture, but without all of that puncturing. This app is great for showing you how to effectively use acupressure to help mitigate your migraines and headaches. 

Forgetting where and when to take your pills? Try Med Helper Pill Reminder

iPhone and Android

For those of us with incessant migraines it becomes quite a task to locate and time each medication, especially when migraines are fogging your memory! Med Helper is quite useful and can help you manage your life. 

Be a pro at managing your pain with Manage My Pain Pro

What better way to monitor yourself than through a journal? Manage My Pain does just that and more with a simple log format to help you keep an eye on your migraines. 

A little bit funky, but you should give it a go: Brainwave Tuner

iPhone and Android

I do not know how much stock to hold on this one, but people say that it works. Brainwave Tuner generates tones that change your brain frequency, altering it to a desirable pattern to cope with migraines. 

Groove away to something truly unique with Binaural Beats

 Like the brainwave tuner, it is rather wacky. There is some truth to “mind over matter" and wacky works from time to time. 

iHeadache is like a personal doctor at your side

The app actually poses enquiries about medications you’re taking, how long a migraine lasted, and how debilitating it was. The app will then try to diagnose you. Cool!

There is a blip on the Migraine Radar

It is like a crowdsourced app detection project. Bringing together an entire community of users, the app will source together what everybody is reporting and notice trends from seasonal to geographical. The more users the better the product becomes. Jump in to start the revolution now!


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