Relax, Just Do It!

Ever wonder how to relax and suppress those migraines? Actually, it can be quite simple and it all comes down to your breathing habits. Breathing habits are seldom even much thought, but they can actually play an important role for your health. In fact, breathing is affected quite heavily by your mood. We have found a few breathing relaxation exercises. In order to be entirely effective though, make sure that you are in a quiet location and in a comfortable position. And, if possible, try to play some relaxing music in the background. 

Rhythmic breathing: 

Breathing in short inhalations? If so, take long, slow breaths. Inhale slowly then exhale slowly, counting to five for each inward and outward motion. As you exhale, visualize your body naturally relaxing and by doing so you can further calm yourself.

Progressive relaxation: 

Begin by going through a few deep, slow breaths. Sense where your headache is as well as any other areas of pain. Gently massage sore spots and stretch, but stop any movements that further exacerbate the pain. Rotate your head, roll your shoulders, wiggle your toes, reach out in a Da Vinci position, squeeze your hands and take more calming breaths. 

Visual breathing: 

This is slow breathing, but with more imagination. As you breath, attempt to visualize the passage of the air throughout your body as it enters and as it flows outward. Then, visualize your breath going out the same way. 

Deep breathing: 

Breathe via your abdomen as if it were a balloon. Let the air slowly inflate it and then relax as it deflates. Alternate between the chest and the abdomen to see what works best for you. 

Imaginative relaxation: 

Imaginative relaxation or mental imagery relaxation is a great way to relax the mind. I find that it can be one of the best methods as it combines deep breathing with imagination. Take your mind away and follow your semi-conscious whimsy. Slower breaths each time until you are no longer even focusing on the breathing and the dreamscape is now in control. Try to practice lucid dreaming at this point. Here is a great guide on foods and methods for lucid dreaming.