Heating Up the Activity, Cooling Down the Migraines


The sweltering heat of summer can be a bummer for Migraineurs who suffer heat-induced Migraines. What’s worse? Trying to exercise or play sports outside in the heat. Even those who don’t suffer migraines regularly are more likely to experience a headache when working out in the sun.

Avoiding the sun and skipping workouts doesn’t have to be the only answer. Try out these few tips on how to avoid heat and exercise induced Migraines as the temperature rises this summer!


1) Workout early

It’s worth getting up before the sun to experience a workout outside that doesn’t leave you drenched, dehydrated, and “migrained out” for the rest of the day. Get up right before, or just as the sun is rising. This site is just one of many that will let you know when the sun will rise in your city: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/sunrise.html.


So you’re not an early bird - can I workout late at night you ask? Sure, but nights tend to still be hot unless you’re out running past midnight, which may be more dangerous than 5 or 6am. If you choose to do a late night workout, make sure you have a buddy with you.


2) Bring a proper water jug

To every soccer game, my mom made us take a 2 gallon water jug that she filled nearly entirely with ice. Some of the ice would melt, but it was big enough to last us throughout the day as we played in the sun. Invest in large water jugs for you and your family during summer games and workouts.


3) Where a breathable cap

Wearing a made-for-hot-weather hat will not only protect your face and scalp from sunburn, but it can also keep your head cool under the hot sun.