Are You Aware?

Does it surprise you that 15 million Americans suffer from food allergies? Of that number 6 million of those are children, and the number is still growing. Although I do not have any food allergies myself, I can imagine the impact this has on someone’s day-to-day life, constantly having to be aware of every bite taken. Besides avoiding problem foods, there are numerous other steps food allergy sufferers have to take to ensure whatever they eat is safe, as well as knowing what to do in case of an emergency. It can be an exhausting and tedious process from reading labels on every single product, checking for any cross contact, being prepared of an emergency and educating others on the steps to take if an occurrence happens.

With this week being Food Allergy Awareness Week, I thought it would be important to shed some light on this matter. Food allergies affect a vast number of people, and chances are you have food allergies or know someone that does. If you would like to kind out more about Food Allergy Awareness Week or donate, please visit the FARE's site here.   

And before I leave you for the week, I’d like to give y’all an awesome allergy friendly recipe. Not only, is it an easy to prepare workday meal, it is also free from all the top 8 allergens!!

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