Quin-wha-t? A Few of the Best Alternatives to Gluten.

Quinoa, a fun word to say and an even more enjoyable food to eat! Being unable to consume most grains due to Celiacs or a gluten-intolerance can be a real pain in the neck. Occasionally it is downright stifling. There are more alternatives than you may realize, and one of the best is quinoa. (It even comes in red and white!) Check out these 11 amazing recipes with quinoa as the star. Better yet, each of these are highly adaptable and you can modify the recipe almost without boundaries. What is more awesome than that?!

Wake Up with Some Quinoa Cereal


Boost Your Day with Oatmeal à la Quinoa


Color Your Plate with a Vegetable Medley and Quinoa


Go Out on an Adventure and Bring the Quinoa Trail Mix


Have a SweetTooth: Bake Some Quinoa-enriched Cookies


Snack, Dessert or Cereal Topping? Coconut and Quinoa


Boost Your Health and Try Out Quinoa Tabbouleh


Spruce Up That Salad

Photo credit: tablespoon.com

Photo credit: tablespoon.com

Gluten-free Pasta, Yeah It's a Thing


Egg Salad Just Got Better


Quinoa and Falafel: An Amazing Duo

Some of my favorite brands for quinoa are: Ancient Harvest, Bob's Red Mill and Roland to name a few. Emma Frisch had a great blog post regarding quinoa that I encourage you to read as well. Also make sure to check out Food & Wine's article discussing some other great quinoa products out there! And don't forget that next week is Food Allergy Awareness Week! Check out all of the happenings taking place across the web and on the ground with FARE


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