Tip of the Week - Sleep


Lack of sleep can be a major migraine trigger! Use these simple tips to improve your sleep and hopefully get rid of some of those painful migraines.

  • Create a sleep schedule – and stick to it!
  • Use the bed only for sleep & sex; this tells your brain that your bed is for relaxing only
  • Finish any snacks or drinks at least one hour before bedtime
  • Dim light in your home 2 hours before bedtime to get in a relaxing state of mind
  • Include physical activity in your daily schedule. Note: Heavy exercise can be a migraine trigger, make sure to find physical activities that suits you
  • Turn off all electronics an hour before bedtime
  • Create a bedtime ritual that you do every night (e.g. taking a bath or reading a book)
  • Drink a relaxing, caffeine free, cup of tea an hour before bed. Try a special “before bed” tea like ‘Night Time’ one from Pukka
  • Don’t snooze in the morning! Those extra minutes seem like heaven in the morning, but it’s a sure way of ruining your sleep


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