Salt, High Blood Pressure, and Migraine

Photo by: auntneecey

Photo by: auntneecey

If you're a Migraineur, you've probably been asked or tested for high blood pressure by your doctor or care provider as it is well-known that high blood pressure may cause migraines.

High blood pressure can be caused by a variety of different factors like stress, lack of exercise and poor diet. But those are problems - how can we find solutions? 

One of the best and easiest solutions to lowering blood pressure (hopefully decreasing your chances of another migraine) are to lower your salt/sodium consumption. Keep these three simple rules in mind at meal-times and feel the difference:

#1) Eat in. 

We all love eating out because it's requires little effort, but still satisfies our taste buds. However, it's not just fast-food restaurants that load their food with salt, sugar, and fat to make it taste better. Even "nicer" restaurants will add more salt to dishes to satisfy customers. Play it safe and make more home-made meals.

#2) Check the ingredient list.

An easy way to find out whether salt is a main ingredient in foods you're eating is to look at the ingredient label. If salt, broth, saline, or anything phrases with the word "sodium" like "sodium solution" are one of the first few ingredients on the list, avoid it. Look for this especially in products like canned food, prepared meats, and frozen foods. 

#3) Stop adding salt to your water.

There really has been no evidence that adding salt to your water when boiling eggs, pasta, or hot cereal affects the cooking time or flavor by that much. Cut your sodium intake by simply leaving it out.

#4) Make friends with onions, garlic, and herbs

If you're disappointed in your meals that have little or no salt added to them, try incorporating other strong flavoring agents like onions, garlic, and different types of herbs or seasonings. You'll be amazed at the difference a little rosemary, sage, or thyme can do to a dish!