Chocolate, The 8th Wonder of the World

Chocolate, it’s the go-to dessert in most American homes. It’s said to be a girl’s best friend. We give it as a gift. We celebrate with it. We help ease heartache with it. Chocolate can be sweet or savory, can be eaten any time of the day and comes in all shapes and sizes. They’re chocolate bars, chocolate cakes, chocolate cover strawberries, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate waffles, chocolate dipped cones, hot chocolate, chocolate cereal, chocolate sauces and the list goes on.  So this leads me to the question: everything’s better with chocolate, right?? Well that’s if chocolate isn’t a migraine trigger for you. If this is you, chocolate is more of a nightmare than a treat.

With a culture that’s so obsessed with everything chocolate, how do you avoid it? Yes, you could cut it out cold turkey, but that doesn’t help when those cravings hit. The real key is to find a suitable alternative that can be used to replace that characteristic flavor of chocolate. Luckily, there is!! Carob powder is your best friend when it comes to finding the perfect substitution. It can be used as a replacement for cocoa when making all those sweet (and savory) dishes with an almost identical taste. And best of all, carob contains no tannin, no theobromine, no caffeine and no methylxanthines (also know as the migraine triggers in chocolate). So, get to cooking and discover what delicious  treats you can make with a little carob.

Here is one classic “chocolate” bark recipe you can whip up in no time that is not only migraine safe, easy to make, but so delicious you’ll have to make extra to have on hand at all times.