Migraine & Allergies


I had allergy testing done when I was in high school and lived in Chicago, and the tests came back allergy free. After three years in college at the University of Missouri I was tested again and had developed allergies. I am now allergic to pretty much everything outside (dandruff, mold, grass, flowers, trees,etc.), cats, and dogs.

My migraine symptoms became severe to the point of going to the ER starting my spring semester of sophomore year. By my junior year I was dating my current boyfriend who had a German Shepherd, named Bear. I am not positive that this is the cause of the migraines since I've always had them to some degree, but I do believe it can contribute to the migraines.

My doctors have often said that having my TMJ, sinuses, and allergies under control will help in managing my migraines. My doctors treat them as separate issues and I work to control all contributing factors, my doctors believe I have a predisposition to migraines to begin with.

To treat my allergies, I do weekly allergy shots and take two zyrtecs daily and a nasal steroid spray. I do not sleep with my dog, and I try to keep any rooms I'm in clean from dog hair. For anyone with a German Shepherd, you know how difficult that can be with the mass amount they shed.

My dog has also changed my life for the better and does miracles to lift my spirits. He's not an official therapy dog but his intuition and affection are helpful to me on another level. He always comforts me when I am sick, and keeps me company when I am bed ridden for days.

In the next year or so I plan to move, when that time comes it will be important for me to spend some times wherever I think I am moving to and make sure it’s a conducive environment for my health.