Is your sweet tooth causing migraines?


If you’re anything like me, sweets are as much a necessity as any other food group. Unfortunately, for many migraine sufferers, that sudden rush of sugar is a no-no! All that sugar might just do more than cure a sweet tooth.  When we eat loads of sugar (or simple carbs) it’s no surprise our blood sugar rises. In turn, the body releases extra insulin, which then drops blood sugar levels. It’s this roller coaster of events that causes a migraine for some.

But fear not! This does not mean you will never enjoy a sweet treat again. It’s silly to try and ban all sweets from your life.  The key is being smart of what sweets you are enjoying! Instead of going for that vending machine candy bar, or stopping by the bakery on the way home, try a natural sweet treat like fruit.  And I know what most of you are saying… “there’s no way a mango can compare to a vanilla bean cupcake!” Luckily, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating sweet and satisficing treat with fruit.

Here is a great example of a sweet treat that not only is full of vitamin C, but also rich in fiber, which helps control blood sugar levels!