Eating Healthy on a Budget: Is it Possible?

Let’s be honest. Eating healthy can be expensive. With a wide variety of protein bars, organic yogurts, almond milk, all natural salad dressings and gluten free low-cal desserts, it’s no wonder that we leave the grocery feeling stressed and broke.  lol How are we expected to stay away from all the packaged foods when those products are the most affordable? Luckily, there are a few simple ways to lower the grocery bill and still eat healthy. It’s all about being smart. 


Here are 5 simple ways to save a few bucks and really make the savings add up!

1)   Buy organic only when you should.

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, not all are created equal. Only buy organic fruits and vegetables when absolutely necessary. Check out the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen to know which foods you should absolutely buy organic and which you can save on.

2)   Make Your Own.

What are some of the stable items that you buy? Maybe it’s granola, gluten free bread, almond butter, cashew milk. Any of these ring a bell?  All these foods are extremely easy to make yourself. Instead of paying for the packaging and brand name, you are only paying for the ingredients when you make it yourself. Another plus- you can completely customize what you make! Make a big batch that or a single serving. It’s completely up to you!!

3)   Eat in Season.

You can’t be too picky here. Eat the fruits and vegetables that are in season in your area, as these will be the cheapest at the market.

4)   Do the work yourself.

Although it’s easy to go for the pre-cut fruits and vegetables and prepare meats, but don’t fall for it. This will save you a couple minutes in the kitchen, but it’ll cost you. Save the extra money and prep foods at home.

5)   Buy only what you need.

Whatever foods you eat a lot of, buy from bins at your local supermarket. Stores like WholeFoods or your local Co-Op.  Not only are you not having to pay for the packaging, you can buy only the amount you need so that nothing is wasted.

To start you off on the right track, here is a super speedy totally customizable almond milk recipe. You can make as much or as little as you want. Plus, best of all, there are no preservatives or artificial sweeteners making this a great option compared to traditional store bought dairy free milk! :)

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