What Did You Do This Week? #foodallergyawareness

There are three more days left of Food Allergy Awareness Week! Three more days to celebrate our success in making this world a safer place for all of us. Three more days to enjoy all of the new foods being created without allergens. Three more days to get the word out there and make the concept of food allergy awareness so commonplace that we do not even consider it to be a thing. Here are some things that you may have tried this week, or if you have not, you should give them a go!

Give Your Tastebuds a New Flavor

Did you try some of the new foods out there yet? I made it a point to cook one or two new alternative meals each day and I still have a few planned for the weekend. This week gives you an excuse to be inventive and take time to discover new culinary options for friends and family. Also, try out baking substitutions as well. Did you know that you can swap bananas or flax seeds for eggs? The possibilities are endless, and just because we have food allergies does not mean that we are limited these days!  Some great outlets for recipes include: Food Allergy MamaCook It Allergy-free,  EnjoyLife, Real Food Allergy Free, AllergyEats and Allergic Living

Have Fun with the Kids

Did you know that FARE created a fun mask and superhero badge for the family? They did. It is actually quite fun. Print off a copy today and take some selfies with the family to boost awareness! You can find the FARE hero collection here.

Learn with Your Children

You probably know a lot about food allergies, but there is always more to learn. Learn with your children so that everybody is informed. FARE actually has several resources, check out their infographic and the handy fact sheet. They have many other resources as well, I encourage you to check them out! 

Write a Blog, Start a Blog, Just Make Your Voice Heard

Make sure that your voice is heard. Together we are a force to be reckoned with, and each voice counts toward our goal. If you do not have a blog, make one. There are some great resources out there like Blogger, Tumblr or WordPress. For inspiration try out Healthline's top picks for food allergy bloggers. People love to hear a story and they enjoy helping one another out. If blogging is not your schtick, then go ahead and socialize on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or LinkedIn

Support the Cause, Make a Donation Today

There are many bold campaigns out there to help the food allergy cause, actually there are not too many. So that is why it is more important than ever to get active and make a difference. One of our favorite organizations is EAT (End Allergies Together). EAT is committing itself to giving 100% of net proceeds directly to the researchers seeking a food allergy cure. Funding is low for food allergies, and we want to change that! Make a donation today! 

For a complete list of events for allergy month, check out FARE's calendar!


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