Snacking Safe with Migraines

Who doesn’t love snacking?! I know I do :) One of my all time favorite snacks is hummus with pile of veggies.  It’s delicious, easy to prepare and fills you up just enough to get you through your afternoon slump. However, snacking is a little more difficult for those who suffer with migraines. For many people with food triggers, something as simple as hummus and veggies have to be skipped over. With a wide variety of triggers, not all of them are as common as say onions and chocolate. Beans (including broad, fava, garbanzo, Italian, lima, navy, pinto, & pole) are one of the lesser-known foods that many migraineurs have to avoid. They hide in many classic dishes and snacks. And yes, that includes hummus! Finding ways to avoid these foods can be tricky, but it is possible. It just takes a little creativity and imagination.

Take the classic hummus, for example, which is traditionally made with garbanzo beans (a migraine trigger). All it takes is a little recipe tweaking and you can make an almost identical dip that is just as tasty and satisfying. Below is an awesome no bean hummus recipe that you have to try!!


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