Crazy About Juice

Lately, I’ve been reading many articles on cleanses and juice cleansing in particular. Now that this “diet” has gone around for a while, some interesting information has come to the surface about what experts really think about this fad. On the surface, a juice cleanse sounds like a great idea, right? Who doesn’t like words like detoxification, increased energy and glowing skin? But, if you think about it, is juicing really necessary? Among many arguments, critics say these “benefits” are all myths. We ultimately trick ourselves into thinking we have “amazing results” after a cleanse when, in reality, this is all do to the placebo effect (the brain really is a powerful machine!) Why do we really need to cleanse our bodies? That’s what the liver, kidneys and GI tract do for us automatically!

I’ll be the first to admit, I definitely got roped into thinking juicing was some amazing new health benefit that everyone should be doing. I had my local juice store that I loved going to and always ordered one of my favorite juices that I just knew was making my skin look amazing. And I bet you can guess, I even bought a brand new, “top of the line” juicer so that I could easily and conveniently juice from home. I loved it so much that I only used it twice. Haha I bet many of you can relate to that!

This is a good time to clarify one important fact here. In no way am I saying having a juice here and there is bad thing. But when we are only juicing for the purpose of cleansing the body, we might want to think again. I’d like to approach this topic another way. Why do we think we HAVE to juice in order to be healthy or rid the body of all these “toxins”? Maybe we should look at what we are putting into our bodies in the first place. That way we are already fueling our bodies with the best possible nutrients. If we eat simple clean foods most of the time, there really won’t be any need to go on a strict week long cleanse drinking only juice and water and starving ourselves along the way. Why not, instead, fill up on delicious fruits, veggies and protein. These are all the foods that will natural give us energy, make us feel great and keep us healthy with loads of vitamins and minerals. Below is the perfect recipe to get you started!! 

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