Good night, Sleep Right

Photo by Tosos Kostopoulos

Photo by Tosos Kostopoulos

Ever get a Migraine because you've had a bad night sleep - or vice versa? 

Here are a few tips for Migraineur and non-Migraineurs alike to get the best rest for maximum health and vitality:

1.) Shut it off!

What are you doing before you fall asleep at night? If looking at a screen is your answer, you may want to re-consider this bed-time habit. Not only does looking at a screen before bed make it more difficult to fall asleep, it can also be harmful for your eyes. Try logging off at least 30 minutes before bed.

2.) Create a calm environment

Have you ever taken a yoga or meditation class so calming that you nearly fell fast asleep in the studio? (C'mon...don't tell me I'm the only one!) Well, that's because your mind, body, and thoughts were at a good place for your head to rest. Try 5-10 minutes of meditative breathing before bed - it's not only a great way to fall asleep but meditation has incredible mental, physical, and emotional health benefits.

3.) Fall asleep with a little bit of noise

Yes, it may seem contradictory to say you'll get a better sleep with music or sounds. However, research has shown that listening to a cadence (like ocean waves or wind) before bed, allows the mind to wind down from a day's worth of thoughts and worries to focusing on a  simple, peaceful rhythm. This, in turn, may help improve your overall quality of sleep.