Spring Sneeze: Tips on reducing seasonal sinus headache

Photo by Tom Whitten

Photo by Tom Whitten

It's that time of year again - Spring! Which also means seasonal allergies. For some of us, seasonal allergies cause sinus headaches or even migraines. Here are a few tips to prevent seasonal allergies from starting or getting worse. 

1.) Use Local Honey

The idea is that by ingesting local honey, you'll also get small amounts of pollen from local flowers. This way, when your system encounters the pollen in the air, your immune system will be familiar with it and the allergic response will be less intense. There's little research but it's worth a try!

2.) Buy a Neti Pot

It may seem a bit strange at first to stick a small plastic teapot up your nostril, but this sinus-cleansing tool can be a relief when it comes to seasonal allergies. When you try it out for the first time, be sure to read the directions carefully. It's very important that the water is boiled to ensure sanitation. 

3.) Reduce dairy in your diet 

Ever feel like your cold gets a little worse after a glass of milk? Dairy tends to thicken mucus in the throat. When you have seasonal allergies, pollen and pollutants from the air can get caught up in your sinuses, especially when you're stuffed up. 

4.) Reduce foods high in histamine

It's theorized that having more histamine in the diet could make your allergenic responses more powerful. Reducing histamine-containing foods like alcohol, fermented foods, vinegar-rich foods, and cured meats may help lessen severity of seasonal allergies.


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