Attention Ladies; Migraines Are on the Prowl

Cheese, red wine and chocolate. The supreme trifecta, but also the primary bearer of the migraine. They are such good comrades to have, they may also cost you a migraine though. 

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Red wine often creates headaches that may be accompanied by nausea that occurs for many people after drinking red wine. This syndrome can occur within as short a period of time as 15 minutes. Sulfites are generally the same throughout wines, so that is why many scientists believe that it is the histamines who are at fault. Red wine has around 20–200% more histamines than white wine. It is most likely a result of a deficiency in the enzyme diamine oxidase. Further studies are still required, but the fact remains the same that red wine, more than any other non-sugary alcoholic beverage, is a a culprit of migraines. Try white wine instead.

Chocolate has been associated with migraines for quite some time now, so there is nothing new with this culprit. However, recent studies are shedding new chocolate. Chocolate may in fact be a pre-cursor to migraines. So if you are craving chocolate, be prepared. 


There is nothing cheesy about avoiding cheese when it is a cause of migraines. Hold that thought though, because it may not necessarily apply to all cheese. It is aged cheese that is high in tyramine. Tyramine is a substance that forms from the breakdown of protein in certain foods. Thus, the older the food, the greater the content of tyramine is. So try to avoid aged cheese, but do not go all the way to the either spectrum with American cheese either as it is bad for your health. 




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