Send Me Gluten Free Review


At the beginning of last month I heard about a gluten free subscription box called Send Me Gluten Free and signed up right away to try it. Unfortunately for me they send out the box the first Monday of each month so I had to wait an entire month before I actually got the box. Can you imagine my excitement then when it finally arrived?! It was a pretty amazing feeling!

Before I get into the review of the box I must first mention the incredible customer service I received from Find Me Gluten Free. When I got my box there was a jar of a mystery sauce that was leaking and made such a mess that I couldn’t even see what it was (I later found out it was a Korean Hot Pepper Paste). I contacted the company, which immediately got back to me, and got not only a new full size Korean sauce but also a new SMGF box. Talk about great service!

The Review


I really had no expectations of what I would find in the box as I’ve never tried any gluten free subscription box before, but after seeing last month’s box I was slightly disappointed that this box contained about 90% snacks. Don’t get me wrong - I love snacks! But I was hoping to try some new food item I could incorporate in my meals, like the tortillas or lasagna sheets I’d seen came with last month’s box.


SunButter squeeze packs: I’ve been wanting to try SunButter for a while just because I’ve heard so much about it in the allergy free community so I was really excited when I opened the box and found two squeeze packs! The taste was good, and it seems like a great substitute for peanut butter/nut butter, I do however think that I’ll like in better in baking than as a spread.

LEVEL protein bar: Since I got two boxes this month I got to try two different flavors of the LEVEL protein bars. In the first box I got the Dark Chocolate Chip and I absolutely loved it! I’m definitely buying more of them! In the second box I got the Chocolate Peanut Crunch which I unfortunately didn’t like at all.

Alter Eco Noir Mini Dark Chocolate : I’m really not a big fan of dark chocolate, but this organic, farily traded one is actually really good! I still only eat small pieces at a time since I don’t love the bitterness of dark chocolate, but I choose to see that as being health conscious by only having a tiny piece to still my sweet tooth.


Super Seedz Coco Joe: The raw cocoa makes these chocolate covered pumpkin seeds a little bit too bitter for me to really like them. But they’re a good “by-the-desk” snack and my coworker loves them!

Goodie Girl Cookies Quinoa Choco-Chip: I got really excited about these cookies because the packaging just made me really happy with the bright colors and the cute girl! I had no idea what to expect of quinoa cookies, I think I expected them not to be very good. But I liked them! A bit dry, but still good.

Skinny Pop Popcorn: As far as popcorn goes, as long as they're all natural without anything added they're good to go in my book. I'm not gonna lie, this bag was emptied pretty quickly one night when I needed something to snack on...

Also in the box but not pictured:
Allerease: These are a natural herbal supplement that “promotes a healthy immune system in high irritant environments.” I haven’t tried them yet but with my seasonal allergies bothering me I’m definitely going to try them soon!
Coupons: $10 gift card to, $1 off SunButter, $1 off Qrunch burgers or toastables, coupon for a free Minute Ready to Serve rice product.
Gochujang (Korean Hot Pepper Paste): Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this since I got a new product shipped separately by Crazy Korean Cooking. I haven’t tried it yet either but look out for a review on twitter when I do!



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