10 Ways to Say No at Work!

We humans are busy creatures, at work more often than at leisure, and what does that amount to for us? It amounts to more stress and, for many of us, more migraines. At times migraines hardly seem avoidable, but they can be, believe it or not! 

When one is able to reduce the amount of work-related triggers, migraines actually become more avoidable. You may believe that this is difficult at work because so many things are not in your control, but it can be as easy as drinking more water and moving around. Behaviors that will help in more than ways than migraines alone! 

Drink more water. Plain and simple, dehydration is bad for many reasons, chiefly among them, migraines.

Avoid, or at the very least limit, caffeine. It negates any progress that water has provided you with, and it acts as a diuretic. Caffeine has also been noted as a trigger for some people!

Stay away from salty, and fatty, foods. You'll have to drink more, exercise more and fight off migraines with more effort if you do eat salty foods. Skip the trouble all-together and stay clear.

Take a break as many times and for as long as you can. Even a few minutes of walking around at least every hour will do, just stretch your muscles! Whether it is sitting, straining your eyes or overworking your muscles, you need to take a break every once and a while. 

Do not let hunger take over, feed the stomach before it starts complaining. Low and behold, hunger is actually a common headache trigger. Do not skip over, or be skimpy with, the main meals of the day. Have healthy snacks on the ready as well. 


Lessen those triggers. Monitor screens, lights, perfumes, cleaning aerosols all are potent triggers. You can try to mitigate the effects by purchasing an anti-glare screen for your computer or by finding plants that soak up harmful odors. If all else fails though, move to a different area of the office with better conditions. And do not be afraid to do so, it is your health after all!

How is your posture, is your seat to low are your legs not moving around enough? With many jobs, ergonomics play a big role. Adjust your chair to a comfortable position and stretch often, simple and easy.

Destress the work environment. Obvious or not, stress is the most common trigger for migraine, so find ways to minimize stress. Try to break up tasks or find new ways of doing them. Go over and speak with a colleague versus using Skype. Just change things up!

Change the scheme, alter the mood. Play a game, have some fun, be active. Whatever you do, stretch your muscles, use your voice and break up routine every once and a while!

Give yourself a break! Take a vacation, or two, or three. You do not have to go far or make it extravagant, but do something fun for at least a day. All work and no play make life miserable!