Food Dyes Causing Your Migraine?

It’s no secret artificial coloring and food dyes are a major trigger for many of you suffering from migraines.  They’re in almost every packaged food product you pick up in the store. Many of them are outright stated and some are a little trickier to spot. Either way, you can usually spot them just by looking at the food itself. You know that jar of neon green frosting, that can of orange soda or those vibrant yellow vitamin gummies? Yep, there’s nothing natural about that! However, it is also important to note that just because a packaged product looks unassuming, reading the ingredient label is still vital in making sure there are no artificial colors or dyes added. Think you might be able to tell just by the color of a food?... think again. It’s obvious when the colors are nothing close to natural, but how about when they’re more subtle? When I first began investigating food labels I was shocked to discover just how many dyes are added to seemingly “safe” foods. Even, certain brands of jarred pickles and flavored oatmeal have colors added to enhance their appearance.

Thankfully, with the vast number of products now in the super market and the increasing number of natural food stores popping up, it’s become easier to find products without added dyes and colors. Just looking on the web, you can find many creative recipes that omit all the extra “junk”, making it easier to still enjoy some of your favorite foods. Here is the perfect “junk free-junk food” recipe for avoiding that migraine and still treating yourself to something sweet!

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