D.I.Y. Tension Reliever

Photo by GinSu

Photo by GinSu

When I'm stressed or encounter a stressful situation, I can feel the muscle in my neck, shoulders and upper spine tense and knot up like a rope that was twisted too tight. 

Tense muscles in the neck and shoulders can lead to tension headaches, among other health issues. 

If you don't have time for a massage or cash for personal masseuse, try out this DIY Tension Reliever (aka, the home made heat pad for your neck!)

 You'll need:

1 XL or XXL tube sock (preferably of soft material)

Enough uncooked rice (not minute or quick rice) to fill the sock

Optional: Any essential oils or aromatic herbs to add into the sock


Fill sock with rice, leaving room to tie a knot at the top. 

The more rice, the heavier it will be, but the less flexible it will be.

Fill sock with rice to your comfort level

Once you have tied a secure knot with the open part of the sock, microwave the sock for 3-4 minutes or until you've achieved desired level of heat. Heat every time.

Place over neck, letting the heat and weight relieve your sore muscles.

Feel better.