Stop Falling For It

Photo by Mick Baker

Photo by Mick Baker

With the easy exposure and access to new research, it's easy to come across a lot of "news" headlines and trending topics, especially when it comes to health and nutrition. 

One day an article will come out that claims bananas cure blindness. People will quit their jobs, move to the tropics and start banana farms. Bananas will be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and there will be armies of "banana believers" and "banana bloggers" and books written about bananas. But shortly after, we'll discover that it wasn't actually the bananas but rather strawberries cure blindness. Whoops. 

You don't have to go to school or read a bunch of text books to not be fooled by Health trends on the web. Follow these quick tips to better approach Nutritional News a tad bit smarter than the rest: 

1.) Check out the source. 

Is this information coming from a trendy magazine that also includes celebrity gossip? If so, take it as seriously as you would the celebrity gossip. News articles published by organizations or Universities are usually the most reputable sources. 

2.) If the title is extreme, assume the opinion is as well

"Eat your bananas: they cure cancer!" yes, most titles are used to fish readers into the article. But if the title is making claims that aren't down-graded in the first paragraph, you might be reading something by someone who has fun with hyperbole. 

3.) Research the research

When a study is published and articles are written about it, sometimes important details about what kind of study it was and how it was conducted are left out. Before making changes in your diet or lifestyle according to one article, evaluate all variables of the study. 

4.) Check the grammar

Although good scientific evidence doesn't always have to do a whole lot with proper English, if your source has obvious spelling and grammar mistake you should be concerned. If you've got high standards for your health, be sure to have high standards for your information on good health.